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It is actually very easy to answer this question. If you do not think of your logo, product, employees and earnings as a Brand, and if your product has a distinctive identity, a unique sales offer to your customer and a different positioning compared to your competitors, yes, you have a Brand. If these concepts confuse you, it would be useful to contact us.

Being creative in advertising and promotions; It is a very difficult process to design the brand promise, not the product, in a way that will attract the attention of your customer base according to the behavior you want to create. Here, agencies that do not understand Marketing generally make artistic advertisements that are disconnected from the Brand and far from the customer target in order to be creative. This is a waste of time and money. Remember, the customer buys the product, not the advertisement.

Marketing; Branding, advertising, promotion, public relations, sales, customer relations, data mining, distribution channels, all production and manufacturing processes from product packaging to content, pricing, target customer segmentation, relevant legal regulations and procedures, competition rules, human nature and subconscious. It consists of many scientific structures that we have not yet counted. Sales are results and if you can't achieve this result, it means that one or more of these mechanisms, which we have listed above and cannot be counted, need regulation. Remember Marketing science is a process and sales/profitability is the outcome of this process. You can have a joint meeting with us for accurate sales outputs.

Creating a brand is a planned and challenging PROCESS, just like growing a human. Unfortunately, drawing a logo, finding a name, composing a song or discovering a product to sell does not make you a Brand. It is a branch under Brand Marketing. If you do not accept this, your capital and future will end in the hands of a few graphic designers, video producers. Just as every fruit and human being has a formation process, Brands need processes.. 






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