Influencer Marketing






Influencer Marketing is an effective way to promote products and services and to cultivate ideas today. But; Influencer Marketing campaigns are campaigns that require serious knowledge and work discipline. This field, which includes many different marketing disciplines such as Pull Marketing, Hook Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, is designed according to the human brain's methods of understanding the world (Subconscious) with serious Social Listening. Even though Social Media Phenomenon in the media sector consists of similar names, the campaigns organized with these names have the feature of being unique.

As SubBrand, we create creative differences in promotional campaigns with phenomena by using our dominance of human nature and subconscious. We design campaigns that can increase the impact of the promotion at an unprecedented rate with companies that choose the Phenomenon promotion for their product or service promotions and ensure that it is published.

If you want to promote your products or services with Influencer Marketing; If you want to work with an agency that will save your budget, target the right audience with the Influencer, and create design wonders with subconscious expertise in terms of content, contact SubBrand. Increase the effect of your promotion hundreds of times and make it permanent.

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