What is Subliminal

What is Subliminal ?

The subconscious has always been a terminology used to scare people. Well the really subconscious is scary and
Is it scary? Let's take a closer look.

Why are people afraid? Is it because their actions take place outside of consciousness? Or, from being guided by someone?
In fact, although life is an interactive environment in which we are guided and directed, when it comes to subconscious
People get weird. The reason for this is that this phenomenon is presented to us as a brain control mechanism from outer space.

Hey, we explain here, there is no such thing.

Conscious and subconscious are two partners working together and their sole purpose is to keep you alive. The universe is so complex that we unfortunately have to process a lot of stimuli and information in order to live simply by making decisions. Well at the same time
How will the conscious brain, which does not even have the capacity to do two things, process so much information? Don't you think it's unfair? At this point of injustice, both in order to eliminate the victimization and to manage and perceive the world we live in; A backup system with this power and capacity comes into play. We call this backup system the Subconscious. Can the subconscious mind be manipulated?
Of course yes! While it is a fact that we can be manipulated even at the conscious level, is it possible for our subconscious to be far from this?
What about the fact that the conscious brain already receives all its information from the subconscious? Yes, we are getting closer to the heart of the matter. Consciousness uses the subconscious as a repository of shortcuts where data coming from the outside world are compiled and evaluated. Incorrect data or redirects can be entered into this repository and manipulations can be created. This can happen under any circumstance. So, are we really defenseless and helpless against this situation?

Come on, what happened to the fact that we are the smartest creatures in the entire universe?

The brain is cautious and resistant to these wrong inputs and manipulations that may occur at the entire lower or upper consciousness level. We call it life experience. We gain a lot of experience by socializing and spending time on life. It is these experiences that minimize our manipulation. Have you ever thought why children are always easily fooled? Of course, although the process of building the conscious brain level is a factor, the lack of life experience is the main factor.
Well, let's see what we mean by our subconscious.

In order for our brain to survive, it must perceive the world and make sense of the stimuli that come with its sense organs. But our interpretation of a stimulus is different from how we process it. In other words, the perception process of the stimulus is different from the perception that occurs. Everything we perceive as a delicious meal is actually visual, auditory, experiential from past experiences, etc. It is a single output that many inputs have in common. Here, we focus on the subconscious interpretation processes of perception, which the brain sees as a single area, but requires the combination of many processes, while doing work in harmony with the subconscious. Interested, right? For the continuation of the subject, let's meet at a productive and useful meeting.

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